Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Introduction: The One Handed World

Driving, eating, texting, surfing the internet, carrying a child, carrying groceries – we humans are multi-tasking more than ever. Increasingly, we are interacting with our world with only one hand, since the other hand is occupied.

Human beings are evolving, and companies that don’t adapt their product and packaging designs face extinction.

So, what can you do?

Market research studies offer a perfect view of the consumers’ past: their thoughts, behaviors, feelings and preferences. At best, a study captures a snapshot of the immediate present. Rarely, if ever, does a study offer a glimpse of the future.

This is one of those rare times.

In the One Handed World, consumer strategist and market researcher Kelley Styring of InsightFarm offers marketers the opportunity to gain deep understanding of the future of product and package design.

Styring, who previously garnered national attention for books about her studies of objects women carry in their purses and of items drivers store in their cars, conducted in-depth research with ARM AMPUTEES - men and women who live elegantly and efficiently every day with only one hand.

The One Handed World syndicated study provides in-depth information on how one-handed consumers spend their day, the results of one- and two-handed interactions with nearly 250 items across 18 different categories, and identifies 17 innovation platforms designers can draw on to innovate better and easier-to-use products and packages.

“Amputees are one nudge ahead of the rest of us in this evolutionary step,” explains Styring, “and that is what makes this study so exciting. Most market research captures the consumer’s past. With this study, marketers have the rare opportunity to understand the consumer’s future and go there before they do.”

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  1. Hi.

    Just browsing some materials regarding single handed community through websites and suddenly your blog and video takes my attention.

    Recently, a group of Diploma students (Final Year), under my supervision have developed an electronic device (prototype) which assist arm amputees, stroke and Parkinson's community in applying toothpaste on the toothbrush. It is a tremendous project even though there are many mechanical devices have been already distributed in the market. Version 2 of the prototype is on its way and perhaps will be completed by May 2014.

    I’ll be sending you the video of the prototype later for your review. Maybe you can provide comments or suggestions on their project once completed as part of their assessment.